Horses and Clouds

image of two horses in a fieldThis was a very windy day. Driving out past Selwyn I spotted these two tearing around in their field. I pulled over to snap a pic. They were curious enough to come check me out, but in seconds a gust of wind sent them scattering back towards their buddies.

Back in Peterborough I took a quick drive to the top of Armour Hill to find Quaker Oats lit up by a tiny gap in the huge cloud that loomed overhead.

image of huge cloud over Quaker Oats

About evmustang

Mustang is Esther Vincent, an artist and entrepreneur living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She's a photographer, designer and production manager.
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4 Responses to Horses and Clouds

  1. Love the Quaker Shot -it’s fantastic!

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