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Selected Photos by Esther Vincent at the Ritz Deli North

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Peterborough, Ontario, Nov 1, 2010 Several photographs of landscapes and animals by Peterborough photographer, Esther Vincent, will be on show at Ritz Deli North for the month of November.

The work is a range of images taken in her travels while doing her weather based work.

"After touring the area around Peterborough during the "Weathering" project of last year," says Vincent, "I became obsessed with the local landscape. Even though that project has been finished for months, I can't stop myself from jumping in the car for a tour. We are surrounded by so much beauty."

Of the animal photographs she says, "I've always loved animals. While photographing them I'm taken by the ones who get interested in the camera and ham for me or strike a pose. Just like people, some of them love the camera and others run when they see me coming."

The show will be hanging in the restaurant for all of November.

Print ready images available at:

Mustang - (705) 749-8512 -

Bio: Esther Vincent first learned about photography as a young girl curious about her father's darkroom. Her photographs have been published in several magazines, most recently in Peterborough's new arts and culture magazine, Pearl and The Dance Current, Canada's national dance magazine.

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