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Mustang is the name Esther Vincent uses for her professional work. Esther Vincent is an artist and entrepreneur living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. When she's at work she is a photographer, designer and production manager.

Photography: Esther Vincent learned about photography from her father, a professional, who inspired her curiosity. She continues to learn and develop her style and technique and is always interested in talking shop or passing on tips. Her professional focus is on portraits, performance and commercial photography. Her photographs have been published in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Pearl Magazine, The Dance Current: Canada's National Dance Magazine, The Peterborough Examiner and Canadian Organic Grower among others.

Graphic and Web Design: Esther Vincent has been creating visuals for web and print for over two decades. She designs posters, billboards, book covers, magazine and newspaper advertisements, business documents, logos and promotional material for small business.

Copyright: A Note About Using My Photos

I am happy for my photos to be spread willy nilly about the web. If you like a photo, want to use it on your site or some social networking profile, please be my guest. Especially if you are the subject of the photo. Also feel free to crop, alter, colourize or do whatever you'd like with them.

I put watermarks on my photos on this site because I make a living from my photos. If you use one of my photos for anything promotional (even if you remove the watermark), please give me a descreet credit and a link to this site. (You don't need to give me credit if you're just using it for a proflie pic on MyFaceTwitterBookSpace.)

That said, if you use one of my photos for anything commercial (that is, something you make money from), a pox be upon your soul if you don't spread a little of that wealth my way.

If you'd like to arrange to have me take shots of you, your band or your event, please get in touch. My rates for live photos and studio shoots are very reasonable.

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