Emergency #21

Another busy show week for me, but I did get a chance to take a whack of photos.

I’m off to a rehearsal and a show, though, so won’t caption each photo. Maybe next week, while I’ve got a few moments to spare, I’ll revise the post with credits. But for now – come see the show and you can find out who’s who here at the Public Energy event page.

There’s three programs. Program A and Mirmidon opened last night. Program B opens tonight and you can see both programs Saturday starting at 7:30 and Mirmidon has a Sunday matinee.

Lots of good stuff.


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Ice Melt and Horses

rice_lake_ice_01I went back to my Austere Winter Lake to see how the beautiful ice formations were doing in the melt.

rice_lake_ice_04The big blue slabs have diminished considerably.

rice_lake_ice_03But have taken on some incredible new shapes.

rice_lake_ice_02And the minute structures within the ice are being whittled away by the sun.

rice_lake_ice_05And with that warming sun shining down, the austere lake, although still wintery, is starting to look like spring.

spring_horses1These horses were certainly enjoying their afternoon bask.

spring_horses2It won’t be long now before those blankets can come off.

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Tour Driving – Shots through the windshield

fire_tour_2015_01I missed the last two Friday posts because I was on tour.

I spend so much time on the road these days. So much driving.* Continue reading

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Austere Winter Lake

image of frozen lake shore in whiteout snowWe are deep into the coldest part of winter now. Continue reading

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Forsythia and the Cat

image of a studio photograph of a forsythiaIt’s been a more gentle winter than last year. But it’s been cold. Very cold.

In spite of the sun, there have been plenty of dark days.

On January 1st I trimmed some branches from my forsythia and forced them indoors. Continue reading

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Northern Green in Winter


click on image to see full size

I was up north Maynooth way last weekend for a lovely visit with friends one of whom is Rocky Green who’s having a show at Gallery in the Attic in May.

I spent two relaxing days helping to sort wood, stoke fires and make dinner.

It was beautiful.

As you can see, they have a skidder. Continue reading

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The Lonely Parade

image of charlotte from the lonely parade at the garnet, peterboroughSo there’s this new phenomenon in Peterborough. Continue reading

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Ice Storm by the River (test post apologies)

image of the london street dam in peterborough after an ice stormThere was an ice storm earlier in the week.

Well, not exactly an ice storm. It was cold. It snowed. Then it started to rain. It was warming up slowly, but the rain still froze on each surface it touched. Continue reading

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New Year Road

image of field with light dusting of new snowIt’s a new year.

We’ve had light, dry flurries for the last two days.

image of wet slick road through light snow covered field next to stand of birchesThe dusting of white is lending some brightness to the winter sleeping landscape.

Here’s to your roads being bright all year.

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image of fog over pond, london, ontarioOn Christmas Eve we had fog. I drove through it the night before to visit mom in London and it stayed through the next day. Continue reading

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