Farm Dogs and Cows

image of a large field with a black dog running in the distanceI went to visit a friend yesterday and took a walk with her in her fields.

That’s Mabel, the dog, running ahead in the distance.

image of highland cowOn our rounds we met the two highland cows that are helping to keep the fields trim.

image of highland cowHello, ladies. I hope you’re enjoying your pastoral, pastured pastimes.

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Rain Clouds and Fields

image of two turkey vultures flying over a green spring field under a deep gray rain cloud skyWent for a drive this week. It’s been so dry recently and I and my garden have been waiting for rain.

This day, the clouds were hanging, but hadn’t opened up yet. Continue reading

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Garden Flowers

image of stachys byzantina, lambs earThe garden is doing its thing.

After four years of summer neglect, my garden is rolling along. Lots of weeds and definitely needs some tidying up, but it’s doing pretty well, considering.

The Lambs Ears (above) are happy with their temporary home. Continue reading

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Overpass, Overhead and Over Land

image of crossing overpasses over the 401Two weeks ago I went on a road trip with a friend who was good enough to do much of the driving.

I finally got a chance to snap some shots of the amazing architecture that spans parts of the 401.

I’m in awe at these incredible structures and their asymmetry. Continue reading

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Procyshyn and Kennedy Rock Artspace

image of nick procyshyn and the bad milk playing at artspace peterboroughIt’s been a while since I took my camera to a rock and roll show.

I’m happy my return was for Nick Procyshyn and the Bad Milk. Continue reading

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Pitmen Painters

image of cast of pitmen painters, new stages production, market hall, peterboroughI’m back to work this week on a fine production from New Stages Theatre.

The Pitmen Painters opens tonight (Friday, April 8 at 8pm at Market Hall) and I can’t wait to hear the first comments from the audience. Continue reading

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Mom Says It’s All Going To Be OK

image of rainbow over suburban house in london, ontarioFor those of you who don’t already know, my mom, Bernice Vincent, died on Friday, March 25th.

You can read the obituary, a kind tribute by James Reaney, and an interesting article in the London Free Press. Or review her career as an artist on her web site.

Here I post this rather poor photo, taken two hours after her burial. After a weekend of mixed weather including sun, warm, cold, rain, snow, sleet, cloud and clear, the day of mom’s funeral was primarily sunny with swaths of interesting cloud.

At the cemetery someone looked up and said, “it’s a Bernice Vincent sky.” Someone else piped up, “they’re ALL Bernice Vincent skies.”

After we got back to mom’s place and were beginning to relax, the clouds, very briefly, opened up, then broke with sun in the west. For just a few minutes, hovering over the house, was this rainbow.


Thank-you, mom,

for everything.

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London Sky

image of sunset tinged clouds over commissioners road, londonIt’s been grey and windy here in London over the last few days. There’s been some rain, too, but mostly just bluster. Continue reading

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Late Winter Fields

image of textured white clouds with blue sky over rust gold late winter field with sparse snow and barns in the distanceIt’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted.

Needless to say, there’s been a lot going on that has kept me from my regular photo habit.

image of winter field with bright sun shining through blotchy white cloudsI’ve still got a lot on my plate, but things are getting done and time is passing.

Spring will arrive soon. And after that, summer. It seems even then I will be posting only occasionally.

I hope when the fall comes ’round again, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled photo posts.

In the mean time, I’ll keep sending out photos as best I can.

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Polaroid Test

scan of a polaroid photograph of sheep resting in a snowy fieldAt the encouragement of my room-mate, and with his generous donation of some Impossible Project film, I took mom’s old Polaroid camera out with me last weekend. Continue reading

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